Keurig K-Cup Single brew

Brand: Keurig
Product Type: Single Serving Coffee Maker

I got feed up today.

Every morning I make half a pot of coffee. Really that is only 2.5 cups (mugs). Anyway - I have one when I first wake up and a second an hour or 2 later. By that time I will admit that it is a very brave thing to drink the coffee!

I had been considering getting a new maker with a thermal pot. Instead I bought a pod machine.

I was actually out shopping for a new pillow (oh the things you do to occupy your time when you are not working!) and on impulse I bought a Keurig K-Cup Special Edition. Wow - am I ever impressed!

What sold me is that it has a container for your own coffee - you don't need to buy the plastic K-Cup.

it is also fully programmable. You can set the time it comes on to pre-heat the water and when it shuts off. As well you can set the temperature of the water, by default it is set to 192 from the factory.

So far I am sold. When you consider the coffee makers such as Timothy's. Van Houtte and Green Mountain who have invested in K-Cups you can rest assured that the Keurig makes a decent cup of coffee.

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