Gaggia Achille

Brand: Gaggia
Product Type: Espresso Machine

"Vintage look in an advanced lever-operated Espresso machine that makes one cup after another without pause." Unit features:

  • Stainless steel
  • 1-cup filter
  • Uses for pods or ground coffee
  • chromed brass group and filter holder
  • Steamer
  • Manometer
  • Removable cup warmer
  • Lever operated
  • 230-240V 50Hz 1250W power
  • Heating system
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Removable water tank
  • Holds up to 0.8 liters
  • Continuous refill tank
  • Pannarello
  • 3 Filters
  • Makes two cups simultaneously
  • Stainless steel, removable cup plate
  • Boiler safety valve
  • Measuring spoon
  • Tamper

Sipping Coffee

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