Coffee Franchise Opportunities - Does Starbucks Franchise?

Does the aroma of brewing coffee transport you to a sensory paradise? Is a steaming latte your idea of comfort food? Do you consider coffee its own separate food group? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then a coffee franchise may be for you!

When someone says "coffee shop," the name that most often comes to mind is Starbucks. So it's only natural that coffee connoisseurs and entrepreneurs will immediately want to know if this wildly successful java chain offers the opportunity to buy Starbucks franchises.

Despite its seemingly ubiquitous presence the Starbucks brand does not franchise or sub-franchise its operations. Rather, the company operates most North American Starbucks stores. The exception to this is situations in which Starbucks will enter into an agreement with companies that may provide physical locations that might otherwise not be available to Starbucks, such as space in airports, grocery chains, hospitals, and on college and university campuses. In addition, in certain areas, Starbucks may enter into an agreement with a group of individuals or a company in which the company or group is permitted to manage and operate Starbucks outlets within a certain region.

The unavailability of Starbucks franchises, however, should in no way dissuade the coffee lover from pursuing a coffee franchise business opportunity. There are numerous coffee companies that do, indeed, franchise their operations, and many even venture beyond the traditional coffee bean to provide gourmet coffees, food options, and even catering services.

The following represents a partial listing of the many coffee franchise opportunities available to java lovers everywhere.

1) Cuppy's Coffee

With a promise to get you your coffee "in under a minute," Cuppy's Coffee is a drive-through franchise that serves up coffees, lattes, espresso, and smoothies! Currently expanding across the country, Cuppy's Coffee offers various franchising options, including drive up/drive through, coffee café, kiosk, and Cuppy's Cart! The startup cost for a Cuppy's Coffee franchise ranges from $35,000 to $450,000.

2) Daily Grind Coffee House and Café

Founded in 1995 and franchising since 2000, the Daily Grind Coffee House and Café offers a variety of coffees and beverages, including lattes, blended espresso, freshly roasted drip coffees, and even "crunch coffee coolers" with cookies, chocolate, coffee, or coconut! In addition, the Daily Grind goes beyond coffee service and ventures into the world of muffins, scones, specialty sandwiches, paninis, and more. The Daily Grind carries a total capital investment of $152,700 to $329,500, and its website offers "10 Easy Steps to Franchising."

3) Melt Gelato and Crepe Cafe

What goes better together than coffee and ice cream? Or, more accurately, coffee and gelato! Perhaps it's not your typical combination, but Melt Gelato and Crepe Café has no problem combining the two. Billing itself as a "fresh, new, and exciting" concept, Melt Gelato serves traditional Italian gelato and sorbetto along with a mouth-watering selection of sweet and savory crepes. From melted cheddar cheese to cream cheese delight, customers' taste buds will crave the unique menu items available to complement their fresh cappuccino, latte, or espresso. And making this an even more appealing option, in 2006, this growing company served more than 1 million customers! With a total capital investment of $200,000 to $400,000, Melt Gelato and Crepe Café is currently seeking franchisees in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Florida, and Illinois.

4) Jo to Go Coffee

If you need your coffee and need it fast, Jo to Go may be the coffee franchise for you! Jo to Go offers three different types of franchise opportunities - single-store, multiple-store, and conversion - and this unique conversion option allows business owners who already own a retail coffee business to join up with Jo to Go and connect their enterprise to this fun and forward-looking company. With "lightening speed" service and a kid-friendly menu, Jo to Go carries a startup cost that can be as little as $90,000, which makes it a pocket-book-friendly option as well!

5) The Coffee Beanery

With a name that immediately signals a big coffee "YUM," the Coffee Beanery has been serving up its specialty coffee since 1976. Now boasting more than 135 locations in the United States and 25 locations internationally, the Coffee Beanery believes in the importance of hand-selected beans and tried and true business values. Also offering baked breakfast goods and individualized lunch selections, a Coffee Beanery franchise could be yours for a total capital investment of $250,000 to $500,000.

In addition to the five coffee franchise opportunities briefly profiled above, no fewer than twenty franchise opportunities exist for entrepreneurs seeking to turn their coffee passion into a profession.

From Bonté Wafflerie and Cafe serving Belgian sugar waffles to It's a Grind Coffee House, numerous coffee franchises ranging from low-cost to high investment are available for serving up that morning cup of Joe, mid-day sandwich on the run, or afternoon tea or smoothie.

So next time you walk into your neighborhood coffee shop to fill your latte craving, imagine providing that same satisfaction to other coffee lovers like you...and even better yet, making a living at it!

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