New 2012 Findings on the Healthy and Harmful Effects of Drinking Coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee each day, or even several cups, has been shown to reduce your risk of dying from severe chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Although it has been a hot topic for years, the relationship between your health and drinking coffee has generated mixed results.

Some studies indicate that coffee consumption can lead to a better overall health, and can diminish the risk of dying prematurely. Others studies show that coffee – or more significantly, caffeine – has a direct correlation to some types of heart disease due to its negative effects on heart rate, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Positive Benefits

The largest consensus of results indicates that individuals who drink coffee are much less likely to die when compared to their peers. Indications suggest that the more coffee they consume, the lower the risk of their mortality. A study that lasted over a decade showed that women and men who consumed at least 6 cups of coffee each day for up to 15% likely to die before the conclusion of the study.

Moderate Coffee Consumption

Even drinking coffee at a moderate level was shown to provide better survival odds. Consuming a single cup of coffee each day proved to offer a 6% lower risk of dying among all the men in the study, and for women, a 5% lower risk. Although these reductions of involve risks seem to be at modest levels, they had a potential impact on the overall public.

Additional Studies

While researchers stop short of declaring coffee drinkers have significant lower risks to chronic disease, they indicate that coffee consumption is proving to be more healthy than harmful. In simple studies, they were able to determine that coffee drinkers were less vulnerable to traditional diseases and dying early, when compared to the mass population. Some researchers believe that the results might not be related directly to consuming coffee, but more a characteristic of those who drink the beverage.

However, because coffee contains more than 1000 compounds – many proven effective antioxidants – there may be truth in the findings. Much of the data indicates that many of the components of coffee are essential at warding off chronic disease.

Drinking coffee does require some discipline. Consuming huge amounts of coffee every day can increase the production of stomach acids and might even increase heartburn or reflux disease (GERD). Additionally, too much caffeinated coffee consumption can lead to sleepless nights.

Sipping Coffee

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