Technivorm Thermoserve IIX

Product Type: Drip Coffee Maker

This is an excellent machine for a busy office break room which has the need for a workhorse coffee machine that is high in quality and construction. Technivorm makes fine coffee machines that maximizes the flavor of the coffee and flawlessly brews coffee with an efficient system that brews straight into the flask. This flask keeps coffee at the right temperature for hours without getting burned. The Thermoserve IIX has the capacity to brew 144 cups of coffee per hour for high volume operations. With a brew time of five minutes, this machine produces an excellent cup of coffee every time at the perfect temperature for brewing coffee. This unit has a multi-hole spray head which blasts hot water onto the grounds evenly, releasing the flavor and aroma in a more efficient fashion. This machine has the option of manually filling it with water, or being hooked into an automatic filling system, so it can be stationary or mobile.

Sipping Coffee

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