Technivorm Moccaserver II

Brand: Technivorm
Product Type: Drip Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is perfect for the office break room or conference room because it features dual warmers and can keep two pots of coffee hot at the same time. The Moccaserver II has wide neck coffee pots that are easy to clean with a mixing lid for even pouring, Technivorm is known in the world of coffee machines as being superior in quality and each unit is hand built to exact specifications. The dual warmers keep coffee hot without burning it, making it ideal for long meetings where coffee tends to sit for a while. The Moccaserver II brews coffee in such a fashion that it maintains its flavor and aroma long after it has been brewed. The auto adjusting hotplates keep coffee pots at the ideal temperature at all times, without overheating them. The Moccaserver II brews coffee at the right temperature and brews it evenly to maximize the flavor and aroma.

Sipping Coffee

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