Technivorm Moccamaster CD Thermo

Brand: Technivorm
Product Type: Drip Coffee Maker

This excellent machine can brew a deep, rich cup of coffee in five minutes. Hand built for quality performance, this unit has a aluminum housing that is available is several bright colors with a sturdy stainless steel thermo jug that keeps coffee hot at all times. This quality machine features a brew stop so you can remove the jug during the brewing process and serve coffee without spillage from continuing brewing drips. The filter holder features a hand operated drip stop for easy disposal of grinds after brewing. A Technivorm coffee maker is valued around the world for it’s tradition of quality. Great care is taken in the construction of each unit. The CD Thermo makes an excellent cup of coffee with technology and functionality that is unrivalled in the world of coffee makers. With a visible indicator that gives you a clear idea of brewing progress, this coffee machine is worth the price for the quality it delivers.

Sipping Coffee

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