Krups XP2070 Coffee and Espresso Combination Machine

Brand: Krups
Product Type: Espresso Machine

This dual function machine is perfect for both coffee connoisseurs and espresso lovers. Now you can enjoy superb coffee and rich espresso right in your own kitchen with this combination espresso machine and automatic drip coffee machine. This machine is fully programmable for both the coffee and espresso functions. For espresso, you can program the machine for size and strength of the espresso, delivering the perfect amount of hot water or steam. The perfect froth steam nozzle ensures an attractive and tasty cup of espresso each time you use it. It also comes complete with a cup warming tray and a removable water tank with optional water filtration. On the coffee side of things, you can automatically program it to brew coffee at a specific time and select aroma settings for brewing smaller amounts. It comes with a ten cup glass carafe and a visible water level indicator.

Sipping Coffee

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