Krups 324 Duothek Dual Thermal Coffee Machine

Product Type: Single Serving Coffee Maker

Have you ever wanted to be able to brew a pot of regular and decaffeinated coffee at the same time? Now you can with the Krups Duothek Dual Thermal Coffee Machine. This unique machine features two independent brewing systems which make up to 10 cups each of whatever you decide to make. It’s ideal for making a pot of decaf and a pot or regular simultaneously or coffee of different strengths if you have a group of people over who like their coffee in different ways. This coffee maker features the Krups Deep Brew technology which heats the water to the perfect temperature for brewing and then pulses it through the coffee grounds at precise intervals which results in a rich, bold and flavorful cup of coffee every time. This unit features two double-walled stainless steel carafes which are tightly insulated and can keep coffee hot for hours.

Sipping Coffee

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